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What makes UpAGear’s Team Development approach so different?

It’s the year long process, it takes time, and true commitment from you and your team. Our dedicated coach will work with you to achieve true team effectiveness.

UpAGear is comprised of 4 elements.

Foundations Of Team

Foundations Of Team

Develop and/or align your vision, mission, values and strategy.

Framework For Action

Framework For Action

Framework to align and unite your team for best results.

On Track Meetings

On Track Meetings

Monthly meeting to review progress and develop the team.



uOnline is your progress portal, communication hub and the home of your plan.

The stark reality is that Executive Teams end up only delivering 63% of what they had originally planned in their business strategy.

Combine that fact with the pressure on leadership teams today to continue delivering better results with lower budgets in a tough climate and executives have an enormous challenge. Even if they have a team of highly motivated Grade A performers.

There's no doubt that teams are the most critical organisational unit in driving effective performance. However, it's also clear that the majority of teams are significantly underperforming on what's possible... and the cost to the organisation is huge.

UpAGear's Team Performance Programme, underpinned by our online process uOnline, provides a proven approach that will transform your team performance and deliver a step-change in results for your organisation. The Programme enables you to unlock your team's potential by addressing the issues that will provide a significant and long-term performance improvement.

The Team Performance Programme will help your team to

  • Set and deeply unify on goals.
  • Work to a common team agenda.
  • Hold accountability like never before.
  • Develop a profound level of communication.
  • Unify how you think and behave.
  • Create a powerful ability to have healthy conflict.
  • Evolve a deep level of trust and understanding.

The Team Performance Programme is tailored to the specific needs of your team and your business, it is delivered by one of our pool of accredited team coaches and is underpinned by uOnline, UpAGear's online process and methodology.

What is the Team Performance Programme?

UpAGear's Team Performance Programme, tailored to meet the needs of your teams and your business, is delivered over a twelve-month period.

There are four key aspects to the Team Performance Programme: Foundations of Team, Framework for Action, On Track Monthly and uOnline.

Foundations of Team

1. Foundations of Team (optional)

A clear vision, mission and values (VMV) and a good strategy form a solid foundation for any team. Without a deeper purpose and direction a team will struggle to stay aligned for the long-term. And having a clear strategy helps you define exactly how you're going to move forwards. Strategy enables you to decide on what you're going to do, and what you're not. By addressing the issues that will provide a significant and long-term performance improvement.

Foundations of Team is an optional two-day workshop to help you develop and align on your VMV and strategy. Whilst this subject is critically important for any team, it is an optional workshop because some will have already defined their VMV and strategy for themselves.

If not, on day one, you will follow a process to evolve the longer-term vision of the team, the mission and the values that will bind them together. On day two, the team will use SWOT and PEST analysis as well as Jim Collins' Hedgehog Concept as part of a thorough process to defining your strategy.

Framework for Action

2. Framework for Action (F4A)

Framework for Action is the heart of UpAGear's Team Performance Programme: a two-day workshop to create the framework on which the team can work better, faster and in a more aligned way. F4A follows a process to help the team review and learn from its past, align on the forthcoming annual goals, work to develop strong and clear accountabilities and set up an approach to enable the most effective team dynamics. The results will be a detailed team plan which documents objectives and accountabilities as well as the more transformational aspects of a successful team.


3. On Track Monthly

On Track is a monthly meeting that takes place during the one-year period. It covers two aspects
Firstly, we review progress in all areas of team performance. We'll review the team's success against goals & accountabilities as well as the softer aspects of the team's development. This is a critical part of the team's ability to move forward and enables the team to have regular open conversation about progress and the deeper aspects of how the team is working.
Secondly, we develop and educate the team members so that they can improve how they understand and communicate with each other, with the ultimate outcome of developing trust, connection and the results of a high performing team.

On Track may work on topics such as:
  • Insights
  • The Five Dysfunctions of Teams
  • Personal responsibility & accountability
  • Team identity
  • Values-driven team behaviours
  • Good-to-Great performance
  • Building & sustaining trust
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Delivering on personal expectations
  • Leadership practices
On Track Monthly

4. uOnline

uOnline is UpAGear's online methodology which forms the foundation of the entire Team Performance Programme.

Easy to use for both teams and their coaches, uOnline captures the team plan online, and enable you to score your monthly progress. This is a critical part of the process, which enables your team to have the necessary open conversations to help it assess, understand, challenge, develop and evolve.


uOnline is UpAGear's online methodology which forms the foundation of the entire Team Performance Programme.

Easy to use for both teams and their coaches, uOnline captures the team plan online, and enables you to score your monthly progress. This is a critical part of the process, which enables your team to have the necessary open conversations to help it assess, understand, challenge, develop and evolve.

Fully responsive, works with all your devices. Providing you have access to the internet, your plan goes where you go.

uOnline is UpAGears critically important Web Application, it carries the teams UpAGear Plan which is created during the 2 day F4A, UAG Launch workshop.
It is fully responsive accross all devices, it is easily accessed providing you have an internet connection. It enables teams to design their Key Result Areas, Goals, Quarterly Milestones and Monthly Actions. These are designed and entered interactively during monthly On Track meetings, expertly facilitated by your dedicated UAG Team Coach.

It carries the data from each months performance review which is then converted into the powerfully visual dashboards located on the U-Online home page.The Dashboards have been designed specifically to give you easy access to at a glance information on your Key Result Area’s and the goals within them.
This enables the team to take quick action to correct performance discrepancies and improve results.

In addition, the important Best Advice statements and New Team Belief can be scored each month which in turn is displayed through the dashboard showing you overall progress for the year. This brings the new bahavioural framework to prosperous fruition throughout the year long transformational process.

The team can also enjoy the Team Zone Communication Hub, here you have channels automatically created against each of your KRA’s.
Keep your Team & Coach Communication in one place rather than spread out over various platforms or email chains.
You are also able to share key documents relating to KRA’s, these are stored securley for the duration of the plan.

Communicate with your Team & your Coach through uOnline. Use the TeamZone for live chat!


Your plan is Secure and Safe within uOnline.


SSL Encryption end to end.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

PEN tested

Penetration Testing on all code.

uOnline has been PEN tested by industry experts ensuring the app is a secure place for your plan to live. Penetration testing (also called pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.


Hardened Server Technology with Rackspace.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected and secured using tools like Cloud Security Groups and private networking capabilities. Fully redundant power and networking covered by industry-leading SLAs.

How we deliver your UpAGear Programme.

UpAGear's Team Performance Programme can be delivered either by your existing coach or by one of UpAGear's accredited, independent partner coaches and organisations.

We've invested significant effort in ensuring we have a group of high quality facilitators to meet your needs.

Whoever you choose, your coach will work very closely with you and your team to get under the skin of your business and organisational challenges, your team challenges and your ambitions. Your coach will recommend and deliver a Team Performance Programme, underpinned by UpAGear's methodologies and processes that will deliver success by unlocking the potential of your people and deeply transforming your team's performance.

Our network of experienced, accredited independent partner coaches, consultants and facilitators share our stand for transforming team performance. Please contact us for more information on a coach who can help your business.

What makes UpAGear different?

UpAGear is different for two key reasons.

Firstly our Team Performance Programme is extremely powerful in transforming the performance of your team. It runs over a one-year period and is capable of addressing every type of team dysfunction that could stand in the way of your team realising its maximum potential. U Online helps because it enables you to capture and follow your team plan online, which makes the process so easy to manage.

Secondly UpAGear has a very open and innovative approach to doing business. As long as we're living our vision 'being a stand for transforming team performance globally', we're not proud or precious. We'll work with you in a creative manner to help you achieve your goals whether you're the end client or one of our partner coaches or organisations.

Client case studies

Below you can find a range of client case studies who've benefited from UpAGear's team performance work


Largest Building Society in the world

The Treasury Team of Nationwide has exacting tasks to perform in order to sustain prudent results for the organisation and its members as well as conduct all the back office operations involved in merging two separate Building Societies, The Cheshire and The Derbyshire, within the past twelve months.

The Head of Treasury, Liam Coleman says, "Last year was a challenge made easier with the use of the focus UpAGear's process gave us. This year it has allowed the team to progress the plan unaided and after three months I am pleased to report all goals are in the green."


Aircraft Maintenance European Market

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports the world's most technologically advanced business-jet aircraft. Gulfstream Europe's leadership team, based in Luton were a group of individuals with their own specific areas of technical competence necessary to deliver an accurate, safe service to a demanding customer base, where private jets command a price tag of $2 million upwards.

A 'group of individuals' cynical about teamwork to start with, they evolved over 18 months into a cooperative mutual support orientated team who now openly expect of each other alignment, action and accountability.

Treloar's Trust

College & School

The Treloar's Trust provides residential schooling and college facilities for 300 students from the age of 7 to 16 plus, of whom 90% are on ambulant. The organisation employs 750 staff, of which 205 provide the complex care that is necessary to support these students.

The organisation aspires to create a world where physically disabled young people learn to take control of their lives, and dare to dream.

The organisation has been using UpAGear's Team Performance Programme for five years to formulate, monitor and deliver a challenging strategy to continue its existence for a further 100 years, having just celebrated its centenary.

Tony Reid, CEO says, "UpAGear's facilitated year on year programme has given me the structure to formulate, develop and communicate our long term aspirations whilst delivering on the important in the short term. It has enabled me to empower others to achieve goals that matter in a way that enhance capability. The process has been a resounding success."


Global Financial Services marketing organisation

ReMark, the Global Financial Services marketing organisation, is aiming to support its clients, which include Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, RBSG, M&S Money and the Post Office, by focusing on and improving their ability to work together as a team. All of which recognises the fundamental truth that:

"Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success"
Henry Ford

The Dutch and English based sales & marketing team at ReMark is made up of a group of very strong and talented 'individuals' have accepted distinctly 'big' goals for 2009/2010. They know they have taken on a major challenge in tough times and when interviewed individually admit that "as a team we really don't pull that well together". Intellectually, to a person, each member of the team can articulate what a good team would consist of – people who compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses, offer support, trust, allow each other's strengths and added value to come into play, deliver their responsibilities without excuses – yet this was not happening.

In the autumn of 2009 Robin Hyndley Head of ReMark's UK Business briefed Team Coach Ralph Peters to help address the obvious challenges. The recommended approach for getting the team firing in harmony on all six cylinders was to use the whole UpAGear Team Performance Process, which commenced in May 2009.

UpAGear's focus is in supporting team coaches to 'transform team performance' and Ralph is using it to move the team towards High Performing status in all facets of its work.

Robin Hyndley commented, "The real measure of success of the UpAGear process is the improvement in the quality of the outputs for our clients, partners and suppliers. The change after only two days has been dramatic. In a tough market at a tough time this is delivering us a real commercial advantage."


Nuclear related Engineering

Gravatom is a well established engineering business with four factories in three locations manufacturing primarily for Nuclear Medicines, decommissioning and other projects. The company has more than 30 years experience of providing cutting edge turnkey design-and-build solutions to the nuclear, radiopharmaceutical, and medical markets. Gravatom has a significant turnover and profit, and was heavily dependent on four founding directors. Delivering more was a serious challenge without a significant shift in the organisation's culture. The owners also realised that there was no succession plan and that the next tier of management had not the grounding to take on extra responsibility.

Dave Barker, Managing Director explains, "Using UpAGear's Team Performance Programme has helped the team remove their limiting mindsets as well as sustain focus on the important.

"We have evolved into a 'can do/will do' company from one whose programme management team used to greet a newly won contract with despondence. Now they ring a bell to acknowledge the positive news," Barker continues. "At the end of our first full year using this facilitated process our turnover had grown by 20% and our profits by 300% as a result of our new way of working together."

e1 Business

Systems Software Applications

E1 business is a well established SME providing systems to the Legal and Accounting professions, manufacturing and sales distribution companies. The organisation was ready to lift its dependence on a few key people and develop a full business leadership team.

Managing Director Geof Gibbons said, "The Team Performance Programme worked extremely well for us. It got us off to a fast start, accomplished many important tasks which would otherwise still be awaiting completion and taught us a lot about 'personal responsibility and accountability'. I wouldn't hesitate to use this programme again."

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