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The ever growing UpAGear community is made up of an elite group of highly experienced, highly qualified international Top Team and Personal Coaches. Each having become licenced and accredited to facilitate the year long UpAGear Top Team and Personal Programme.

Every Coach has joined us from a successful corporate or professional career to be a member of our community and contribute to the excellence of UpAGear.

The UpAGear team has vast experience working with high performance teams.

We have Worked with Teams in a wide range of disciplines and companies, from tiny start up businesses to huge global corparate blue - chip organisations.

We understand our clients buiness drivers. We understand the motivations and issues they face on a day-to-day basis. We also understand the reasons why our partner coaches wish to build their own businesses with UpAGear.

Finally, we know our success depends on taking a pragmatic and collaborative approach.

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