Develop as a coach with our UpAGear coaching community
Create a true connection with the teams you work with. Develop as a coach with our UpAGear coaching community.

Looking for a Team Development Programme to expand your portfolio?

UpAGear’s Team Development approach could be the one for you.

UpAGear provides independent coaches, development organisations and career-changing senior executives with the opportunity to build a business in team development using a proven approach and methodology – and with minimal investment.

UpAGear doesn't sell the Team Performance Programme directly. We sell through a growing network of accredited partners – independent coaches, consultants, facilitators and training organisations who deliver the team programmes often under the banner of their own company. UpAGear is also an ideal opportunity for senior executives who are changing career and looking for a vehicle to enable them quickly to create a business around team development and coaching.

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UpAGear partners benefit from our proven approach that will provide you with the freedom to develop your team development business.


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Sell year-long team programmes.
  • Deliver a structured and repeatable process.
  • Receive training, accreditation and personal coaching.
  • Truly partner with your clients over the long-term.
  • Generate significant long-term, recurring revenue.
  • White-label the programme as your own, if you desire.
  • Benefit from a flexible and unrestrictive partnership model.
  • Have the freedom to run your own business.

Our partner coaches simply use uOnline, our online methodology, and our team programme approach to help them sell and deliver to their clients and prospects more effectively.

Low cost of entry

Designed to be easy to work with, our business and business model give our partner coaches and organisations maximum flexibility.

You simply pay for the training and accreditation.

The low cost of entry to get started and undertake the initial training programme, means that UpAGear partner coaches require minimum investment to begin generating revenue.

You simply pay for the training and accreditation, then when you sell the team programme to your clients, you pay for access to uOnline as a one-off annual fee per client team member. Let's be clear – we're not restrictive on IP, there's no franchise or complex legal arrangement.

And our non-restrictive partnership agreement gives you the freedom to package – and present – the solution to fit your own business.

Do you fit?

We are looking for the partners who will love what we do and be able to sell and deiliver UpAGear.

We know there are four types of partner who love what we do:

Ex-Senior Executives who are new to the field, and who are looking for a partnership that provides one of the easiest and non-restrictive ways to grow a successful coaching business.

Independent Coaches who are looking for quality team development services to help sell and deliver more.

Coaching / consulting / project management organisations that are looking to add team development services to their portfolio, without the pain of creating from scratch.

HR Directors and Chief Executives who are working inside a client organisation and are looking for an approach to roll out internally.

How to sell

All business ventures rely on your ability to sell; something that the UpAGear team are acutely aware of.

Having sold team development and coaching ourselves for many years, we know the challenges that arise. Your business may struggle with some of the following:

By becoming an UpAGear partner coach or partner organisation, you will gain practical answers to all of the above, and create more revenue – and more repeatable revenue – for your business. Plus you'll make an enormous difference to the performance of your client teams.

Training and support

At UpAGear, we firmly believe we can make a difference by transforming team performance.

And we know that success in this market relies on giving our partner coaches and organisations the support they need to build their business and the flexibility to do it in the most appropriate way for them.

We understand that our partner coaches and organisations have different levels of experience and competence. Our training and support programme is adaptable to your own situation. Experienced coaches already running their own business may require a light touch in training and support; whereas others may opt for a deep immersion in team transformation, followed by an on-going programme of sales training and personal coaching.

UpAGear's training and support programme includes the following modules:

Phase 1: Initial Training & Accreditation – 3 Days
This comprehensive training will train you to successfully sell and deliver the Framework for Action and U Online.

Phase 2: Advanced Training – 2 Days
This highly participative training will train you in the delivery of the Foundation of Teams workshop and On Track.

Support coaching – monthly
Optional coaching and mentoring will give you the support you require in all areas to ensure you're running a highly successful team business.

Phase 1 Accreditation

To become an accredited user of the UpAGear Team Performance Programme, including uOnline, we require you to attend Phase 1: Initial Training & Accreditation.

The Phase 1 training is a three-day workshop for coaches, consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to sell and deliver team development programmes, underpinned by uOnline. Participants are involved in lecture, discussion and group activities.

You will learn:

You will benefit from:

This is an accreditation course to become an certified user of the uOnline. By the end of this course you will have an appreciation of UpAGear and its philosophy. You will understand the process for selling and delivering team work the UpAGear way. You will also know how to set up and run uOnline with your clients to facilititate the team's journey. The price of the training includes all workshop materials.

Open training courses are delivered in the south of the UK by the company's founders. In-house workshops can also be arranged for organisations or consulting firms that want to use uOnline.

Next steps

At the end of the Phase 1 course you will be given 3 hours of free support on your first assignment to help you take the theory from the classroom and transform teams using UpAGear's approach. We suggest also that within 3 months, you schedule to attend Phase 2: Advanced training. Phase 2 will help you to competently deliver OnTrack (the monthly team sessions), Foundations of Teams (developing Vision, Mission and Values), and develop your selling to an advanced level, if required.

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