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What makes UpAGear’s Personal Development approach so different?

It’s the year long process, it takes time, and true commitment. Our dedicated coach will work with you to help achieve your goals and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Reasons to move UpAGear

Reasons to move UpAGear

Successful people set goals.

This process will help you better understand yourself. e.g. why you are successful and why you are not.

What do you want from life?

Lifestyle, Relationship, Money, Travel, Material things, or simply to feel good about yourself.

What stops you from getting what you want from life?

We can help you understand why you may sabotage yourself, and design a process to stop that from happening.

A model for success

Our UpAGear personal programme is designed to incorporate and engage you in using a classic planning model, which is illustrated here.

Many of us are really enthusiastic about planning because of its motivational and inspirational effect on us. We enjoy thinking about our futures in a positive way. Creating a vision of a better you is a good thing to do.

However most of us tend to start things, then don't really track or assess progress and subsequently don't always finish them. Especially if they involve difficult tasks or tough regimes. New Years resolutions are our most common example.

UpAGear personal programme includes the use and application of this model which will incorporate the tracking of key activities. By doing and tracking the key activities, progress is achieved ‘bit by bit’, leading to breakthroughs and success for you. If you do what you set out to do and follow the process, the result is the enjoyable achievement of your planned life changing goals

By choosing one of our coaches to support you, your success increases UpAGear to a new level

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Which areas of your life require attention and energy?

So often you neglect the attention or energy invested for you to ensure you feel great. We can help change that!

Feel great about life!

Build your plan with a coach to guide you every step of the way, track your progress using UOnline.

if you’re getting what you want from life you bring more of you into your life!

Easy to use for both you and your coach, uOnline captures your plan online, and enables you to score your monthly progress. This is a critical part of the process, which enables you to have the necessary open conversations to help it assess, understand, challenge, develop and evolve.

Fully responsive, works with all your devices. Providing you have access to the internet, your plan goes where you go.

Build your plan with your coach to guide you, track your progress using UOnline.

if you’re getting what you want from life you bring more of you into your life!

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