A new website for MPI Learning


Our Parent Company MPI has a new website. After 13 years MPI Is now MPI Learning, with this change they have a new website Click Here to Visit MPI Learning is a bespoke Learning and Development Consultancy, providing world-leading training and developmentfor businesses and their people.  MPI Learning provides training in the following areas.  Management and sales management - Click to Vie...

Is it time to make leading a business a team sport?


Is it time to say goodbye to the figurehead leaders, the bold and forthright leaders of our past and make way for a more inclusive and dynamic structure that values and supports engagement?

Team Tales with upagear - Podcast 001


In this episode of team tales, Jerry talks to Howard O'Donnell about an experience he had running a team event at a chateau where things got a little hot!

Why successful leaders of small teams are the perfect choice to run big business


Are successful leaders of small teams suited to the most senior positions in Corporate business? Too darned right they are. These people are perfect fits. Like many others, I used to think of successful business leaders as being big characters: ebullient, confident, domineering. These are the noisy superstars of the corporate world: men (nearly always men) charging through life dragging their orga...

Leadership Levels

UAG TeamCast Ep 007 - Elite Sports & Team Dynamics with Stephen McDonnel


In this episode Jerry talks to Stephen McDonnel, Elite Level Hurler and UAG Team Coach based in Cork Ireland.He discusses how elite sports people maintain a level of high performance through dedicated training regimes and true team cohesion. ...

Team Cast Episode 007

UAG TeamCast Ep 005 - The Total Team with Ralph Peters


On today's episode Dave talks to living legend Ralph Peters! Ralph is the Author of The Total Team and a Founder and a Coach for UpAGear.

UAG TeamCast Ep 006 - UAG Personal Programme, what is it and who is it for?


Jerry and Keith discuss the personal UpAGear programme - how it helps executives and leaders to unlock their own potential and create a better work life balance.

Getting Back to Thriving Again


As business leaders we didn't have a choice about COVID-19, It just happened, we do have a choice how we respond to it!

UAG TeamCast Episode 4 - The Value Of Team Performance Coaching


In this UAG Team Cast Dave Buffham talks to the legendary John Murphy! John talks about his Exec level Facilitation experience, how having a Team Coach can help unlock the potential in Exec level teams, raising performance by up to 10-20%.  Dave Buffham https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-buffham-a56a2722/ John Murphy https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmurphyinternational/ We hope you enjoy the...

Old Teams - New Faces


If you are a seasoned observer of team dynamics these are interesting days.  The Covid lockdown presents new and entertaining challenges for those who strive to make teams perform at the highest levels.  I have been wondering which of these problems is the biggest? Pre-Covid19 Teams On the whole, the teams I have helped over the years seem to have done really well and even enjoyed the new lockdo...

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