Jerry Brown on his feet at the 2019 UAG community event


‘30 years to be an overnight success’


My name is Jerry Brown I have been involved in professional executive and team coaching successfully for over 30 years.

Real Embedded Transformational Team Coaching is now the hottest topic in L&D.

I would like to introduce you to our way of working with Top Teams from all walks of life. It is a methodology we have been developing since the late 90s which is all about transforming Executive Teams.

Having worked with many senior team leaders over the years that understand the need for ‘offsite’ events, workshops and ‘strategic away days’, historically they didn't know of a better way, why would they? They would choose this type of solution because the felt they should do something and they should be the coach/facilitator as the leader of the team.

Sadly, we now know that this type of approach typically doesn't deliver real long lasting sustained transformation or tackle the fundamental issues holding the team back.

So, many have become somewhat disillusioned with the one-off team offsite coaching event because a quick fix solution didn’t deliver results in the long term.

Our methodology was born out of this situation. We knew we weren’t really leveraging the potential of the team and supporting the leader properly or professionally with ‘one off’s’, and the real answer was there all the time. 

We just needed to be brave and prescribe the newly designed approach which does work, produces real change for the team, and enlighten the leaders as to how it would work for them.


The solution is a 12-step programme spread over a year.

Part of its methodology is built on the following components:

All teams are dysfunctional to one degree or another!

We are very skilled at facilitating the process and encouraging them to open up to it, collectively discovering what it is.

Working through the UpAGear Team Coach and methodology:

So many of our clients have enjoyed the transformational results through our UpAGear coaching support and development work.
It is often further supported through our Executive Coaching for each person in the team, which really accelerates performance results.

Results such as:

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