Team Tales with upagear - Podcast 001


In this episode of team tales, Jerry talks to Howard O'Donnell about an experience he had running a team event at a chateau where things got a little hot!

UAG TeamCast Ep 007 - Elite Sports & Team Dynamics with Stephen McDonnel


In this episode Jerry talks to Stephen McDonnel, Elite Level Hurler and UAG Team Coach based in Cork Ireland.He discusses how elite sports people maintain a level of high performance through dedicated training regimes and true team cohesion. ...

Team Cast Episode 007

UAG TeamCast Ep 005 - The Total Team with Ralph Peters


On today's episode Dave talks to living legend Ralph Peters! Ralph is the Author of The Total Team and a Founder and a Coach for UpAGear.

UAG TeamCast Episode 4 - The Value Of Team Performance Coaching


In this UAG Team Cast Dave Buffham talks to the legendary John Murphy! John talks about his Exec level Facilitation experience, how having a Team Coach can help unlock the potential in Exec level teams, raising performance by up to 10-20%.  Dave Buffham John Murphy We hope you enjoy the...

Managing Teams through COVID19 - TeamCast Episode 3


We are living in a very different world and we must make changes in the way we  lead our teams. Mhairi, Jerry & Dave talk about the challenges facing leaders during the COVID19 outbreak, and what they can do to manage mitigate and thrive. PodCast Below, Thanks for listening!  ...

TeamCast Episode 3

UAG TeamCast Episode 2 England V South Africa Rugby World Cup


The UpAGear Team Coaches reflect on the loss to South Africa, where did it go wrong, had England played their final against New Zealand? Where do they go from here? Is Eddie the right guy to take England forward?...

UAG TeamCast Episode 1 England V New Zealand Rugby World Cup


UpAGear team coaches discuss the England vs New Zealand Rugby World Cup game. What gave England the edge, how does Eddie Jones coach his team for success. (apologies for any sound issues, we will have those fixed for the next episode, thanks for listening!)...

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