Why successful leaders of small teams are the perfect choice to run big business


Are successful leaders of small teams suited to the most senior positions in Corporate business? Too darned right they are. These people are perfect fits. Like many others, I used to think of successful business leaders as being big characters: ebullient, confident, domineering. These are the noisy superstars of the corporate world: men (nearly always men) charging through life dragging their orga...

Leadership Levels

UAG TeamCast Ep 005 - The Total Team with Ralph Peters


On today's episode Dave talks to living legend Ralph Peters! Ralph is the Author of The Total Team and a Founder and a Coach for UpAGear.

The rising price of Leadership. Is the old standard slipping in the race to the top?


What does the extraordinary performance potential of “High Performing Teams” tell us about the commercial world’s fascination with exceptional and expensive leaders?

The rising price of Leadership

Team Coaching is now the hottest topic in L&D


‘30 years to be an overnight success’   My name is Jerry Brown I have been involved in professional executive and team coaching successfully for over 30 years.Real Embedded Transformational Team Coaching is now the hottest topic in L&D. I would like to introduce you to our way of working with Top Teams from all walks of life. It is a methodology we have been developing since the late 90s ...

Jerry Brown on his feet at the 2019 UAG community event

The UAG Leadership Performance Survey 2020


Hello, its that time of year again, and we at UpAGear are after your opinion. In our 2020 survey we want to know the current mood of Executive Leadership Teams. The survey should only take you around 2 minutes to complete, and is totally anonymous. It would be a huge help to our research and we will be sharing the results in 2020.   SURVEY LINK Thank you for your time.    Here are the result...

UAG TeamCast Episode 2 England V South Africa Rugby World Cup


The UpAGear Team Coaches reflect on the loss to South Africa, where did it go wrong, had England played their final against New Zealand? Where do they go from here? Is Eddie the right guy to take England forward?...

UAG TeamCast Episode 1 England V New Zealand Rugby World Cup


UpAGear team coaches discuss the England vs New Zealand Rugby World Cup game. What gave England the edge, how does Eddie Jones coach his team for success. (apologies for any sound issues, we will have those fixed for the next episode, thanks for listening!)...

UpAGear Community Event 2019


What an amazing group we had attend the 2019 UpAGear & MPI Community Event.  A big thank you to all who made it! We hope you enjoyed our guest speaker John Anderson MBE (Team GB Olympic Canoeing Head Coach) and his inspiring talk on how he transformed Team GB from 80th in the world rankings, to gold in the Olympics and Paralympics. A fantastic achievement. Thanks to Nick Wi...

Its UpAGear, but not as you know it Jim.


This week we have completed the launch of our new customer facing website. The new site better reflects the updated brand going forward and sits nicely alongside our new UOnline system.

The all new upagear.com

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